A conceptual/expressionist mixed practice artist

Ije (pronounced eejay) – I am a conceptual/expressionist mixed practice artist – primarily painting, poetry and installation (also sculpture, printing, photography and film). I have a Masters Degree in Fine Art, Birmingham City University.

Pieces by IJE can be found in private collections across the UK as well as France, Ireland and China.

Please explore my site to view my artworks for sale, commissions and sold works, read my blog for musings and insights into research / works in progress and find out when and where you can see my work on exhibition.



My work seeks to reshape embodied notions, responding to encounters with time, space and change through making and documenting; generating works activated through colour, gesture, texture, layering, fabrication, repetition and reflectivity.

Undertaking durational activity in the landscape, I wonder about what went before me and what may lie ahead; I wonder about singularities and multiples, about time, capacity for change and the energy around me. I am interested in exploring concepts such as: perdurance, time; topographical encounters; prepositions of space; the elements and movement.

I create artworks that vary in size and format, most often on a larger scale that are rhizomatically connected through conceptual series and/or experiences. All work starts with a refrain, an idea intensifying through a phrase or sound or movements until I am galvanised to act, to commence the physical making process. Initial and final layers are the most energetic with measured beats in between; working quickly concealing / revealing, creating spaces and moments be explored from a distance or closer to.

In 2018 I began to integrate different media as PFHOEMS – painting/ film/ photography / poetry / spoken word and to explore sculptural forms using “yarn”, textiles, paper, metal and clay; experimenting with concepts of growth/mutability/interconnectedness through shaping spaces, suspension and weaving. Going forwards, identity is becoming increasingly significant and with louder voice and I am finding the confidence to express my current manifestation as a woman of colour, a Scottish, Nigerian healer living in a world that has sought to impose gender and/or racial expectations upon me.


“A notion of sense as a new sensibility that through encounters produces a thinking that moves, is alive, uncontained, nomadic. A form of encounter activated precisely and only through patterns, repetitions, series and flights”

Professor Johnny Golding

Upcoming Exhibitions
Sun, Jun 21
Arcadia Gallery, CIty Arcade + The Row
Jun 21, 11:00 AM – Jul 11, 4:00 PM
Arcadia Gallery, CIty Arcade + The Row, Ironmonger Row, Coventry CV1, UK
Inaugural artist at Coventry Artspace #ArtspaceWindows Exhibition of Ije’s latest mixed media artwork I Release My Colours 2: Survivor + two poems.
GRID Studio Artists Warwickshire Open Studios Summer Arts Weeks 20 June to 5 July 2020
Sat, Jun 20
Jun 20, 6:56 PM – Jul 05, 11:55 PM
IJE is one of 10 artists from GRID to virtually open their studios


Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact IJE-art today.



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