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IRMC: A series of paintings/writings/sculptures around ideas of identity, heritage, encounters, and revelation.  Using materials, memories and experiences real or imagined, gestures and punctuations, these fabricated constructs contain ruptures and imperfections giving access to the layers and creating new spaces. The surface may also be interrupted by inclusions of text from poems, reflective/shiny things and re-used materials; it is time to own ALL that we are, reveal our scars and strengths, let them shine. #sensuouspractice #foldswhorlssurfacesspaces                               SEE ME - I AM ANDROGYN , sparking with energy; standing out / receding away; strong assertive woman, if I were a boy...

Growing up I didn't think about gender or colour unless it was pointed out to me. I was told I was a tomboy, taken as a boy/man as much as girl/woman; I loved wearing trouser suits and waistcoats and a Trilby hat; I loved that I was faster, stronger, smarter than nearly all my peers and even many of the older kids. I was constantly  disrupting/crossing/challenging boundaries and ignoring social harmony /order just by being me.

Movement, dissipation and reinvigoration of energy / conflict, challenge and exhilaration, I lost this confident part of me and it's good now to remember and reclaim.


  • original mixed media painting on canvas (acrylic paint, marker pen, glitter and re-used swarf) in wood frame; w 81 x h 101 x d 3 cm (framed dimensions); 2023                                         

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