IRMC is a series of paintings/writings around ideas of  identity, time, encounters and revelation. Using colour, inclusions and text from poems/memories/experiences or relevant happenings as ground to the application of final layers of paint, applied through gestures and punctuations, leaving ruptures and imperfections.  The surface is interrupted by inclusions of recycled materials that like life experiences many would discard or bury or camouflage - it is time to own ALL that we are, reveal our scars, pigments, uniqueness and let them shine.
I Am Dibia / Healer - it is in my DNA, my energy draws strength from the universe, the elements around me; my scars bear witness to my strength and resilience; this is who I am / have been / will be. I am tenacious, resilient, assertive and unassuming; I breathe and release healing and my light shines bright.


  • ORIGINAL PAINTING: mixed media on canvas

    Acrylic, enamel, oil pastel and recycled swarf on canvas; w 60 x h 84 cm