SURFACE Gallery, Nottingham - 2019 Contemporary Colour Art Prize.                                                                    

I originally made this piece in 2013 during my BA Fine Art, when I was exploring concepts of identity, colour and difference; I love the quirkiness of chameleons and their ability to blend in and/or stand out in their surroundings – both for survival from predators and to attract/warn others. I discovered that sitting watching TV and rolling the tissue paper into balls without having to “think” about the activity took me to a relaxed, calm, processing state, rather like that when I was on a long walk or run, where my body functioning on auto, whilst my mind & emotions were free to journey elsewhere.
I was never quite happy with the original – I hadn’t been able to get a bright white or to match the colours sufficiently between the ground and the sculpture, however IN 2019 I began experimenting with spray acrylics and this led to reworking Red or Dead. I think I have achieved what I wanted with the chameleon merging in and out of the ground as it would in nature.


  • ORIGINAL PAINTING: Acrylic, cardboard, 20,000 paper tissue balls, oil marker and spray paint on hardboard panel in white wood tray frame; w 185 x h 120 x d 9 cm