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Embedded In The Flesh Of The World series explores memory embodied; reactivating  gestures, marks, punctuations recalling encounters with/in the world - being outside with the wind howling around me, debris/leaves swirling; running across different terrain, sometimes falling, slipping being sucked into the mud; hiding in the grass, swimming in oceans, lochs, rivers; touching, feeling, sensing, almost belonging. Using my sensuous physicallity to create with natural/manufactured, new/discarded found materials. I choose to leave the marks of my passage, my making just as those marks have been left on/within me through my encounters. I am embedded in these forms. 

(2nd & 3rd verse from IIJE poem )

Embedded in the flesh of the world / Rapt, wrapped in the elasticity of libidinal skin / Your skin is warm and glowing, inviting me to touch / I can only feel you because I am different to you / I can’t feel what you feel / I take pleasure in the not quite meeting of our skin / Maelstrom of thoughts flocking like birds / Swooping and swerving, becoming new meanderings


  • original mixed media painting on linen (arylic paint, oil marker text, re-used velvet, mirror glass, plastic and swarf) in iron effect wood frame. w 206 x h 125 cm

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