I Am Warrior / Dike - it is in my DNA, my scars bear witness to my strength and resilience; this is who I am / have been / will be.


I Release My Colours is a series of paintings/writings around ideas of identity, time, encounters and revelation. Using colour, inclusions and text from poems/memories/experiences or relevant happenings as ground to the application of oil paint - impasto applied through gestures and punctuations, leaving occlusions and imperfections and giving access to the layers. The surface is interrupted by inclusions of recycled materials that like life experiences many would discard or bury or camouflage - it is time to own ALL that we are, reveal our scars and strengths, let them shine.


Sticks and stones never broke my bones, but names have always harmed me 
So, I lived in fear
Lived with fear of my potential to be great
To blaze a swathe of light before me, around me, through time and space                   
I have mastered the litany of fear
I have closed my ears and soul to the sounds of other's judgement
Ever hopeful I now expose myself, my light and shade
I release my colours, I SHOUT MY NAME                                            

ije 5.1.20 15:55; 2.2.20 11:34; 6.4.20 11:21 


  • Oil, acrylic, spray paint, text, recycled velvet, glass and paper on linen in white wood tray frame; w 104 x h 104 cm (100 x 100)