I Am A Warrior - it is in my DNA, part of my identity - who I am / have been / will be. My light shines bright, piercing the darkness; my skin has changed many times and my internal shades have amplified & multiplied; I am a warrior of light.


Sticks and stones never broke my bones, but names have always harmed me 
So, I lived in fear
Lived with fear of my potential to be great
To blaze a swathe of light before me, around me, through time and space                   
I have mastered the litany of fear
I have closed my ears and soul to the sounds of other's judgement
Ever hopeful I now expose myself, my light and shade
I release my colours, I shout my name                                            

ije 5.1.20 15:55; 2.2.20 11:34; 6.4.20 11:21 


  • Oil, acrylic, spray paint, text, recycled velvet, glass and paper on linen; unframed; w 100 x h 100 x d 3 cm; 2020 

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