(Igbo - All Our Worlds) Moving in, on, through and beyond; sensing and feeling, remembering the possibilities of what is/was real.                                                                                      

Substantial, yet ephemeral
Time like mist surrounds me

Time is rhythm – there are numbers – there are multiples
Time is memory – is remembering the instances – micro and macro
Time is travelling – the future is closer than you think – has it passed me by?

I am situated the now, yet I remember so many of my yesterdays and tomorrows 
I’m walking, I’m running, I’m connected to my rhythm
Attuned to the Earth’s motions
Counting, marking time - making time – taking time

Time like mist surrounds me

Ije 1.5.16 06:39; 10.5.6 07:01; 7.8.16 10:37; 10.8.20 14:59


  • Acrylic, recycled yarn, modelling paste, gold leaf and oil pastel on canvas in white wood floater frame; w 126 x h 156 x d 5 cm; 2020 

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