(Igbo - All Our Worlds) Moving in, on, through and beyond; sensing and feeling, remembering the possibilities of what is/was real.                                                                                      

Substantial, yet ephemeral
Time like mist surrounds me

Time is rhythm – there are numbers – there are multiples
Time is memory – is remembering the instances – micro and macro
Time is travelling – the future is closer than you think – has it passed me by?

I am situated the now, yet I remember so many of my yesterdays and tomorrows 
I’m walking, I’m running, I’m connected to my rhythm
Attuned to the Earth’s motions
Counting, marking time - making time – taking time

Time like mist surrounds me

Ije 1.5.16 06:39; 10.5.6 07:01; 7.8.16 10:37; 10.8.20 14:59


  • Acrylic, recycled yarn, modelling paste, gold leaf and oil pastel on canvas in white wood floater frame; w 126 x h 156 x d 5 cm; 2020

    Also available as LIMITED RUN fine art prints on aluminium or glass or 285gsm archival paper


    OPEN RUN of posters on 271gsm satin finish photographic paper contact IJE to discuss

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