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The title of this series is from the book, Spell Of The Sensuous by David Abram: "Humans are tuned for relationship...This landscape of shadowed voices, these feathered bodies and antlers and tumbling streams-these breathing shapes are our family, the beings with whom we are engaged, with whom we struggle and suffer and celebrate. For the largest part of our species' existence, humans have negotiated relationships with every aspect of the sensuous surroundings, exchanging possibilities with every flapping form, with each textured surface and shivering entity that we happened to focus upon... Every sound was a voice, every scrape or blunder was a meeting-with Thunder, with Oak, with Dragonfly. And from all of these relationships our collective sensibilities were nourished." (page ix, Preface)When I’m out in the landscape I open myself up to the sensuous, to encountering with the elements, with time; I feel alive and in tune with the vortices and currents of life energy all around me; sometimes “hearing voices" that have travelled through timelines telling of the past, present and future. MAKING PROCESS: October 2016, building layers of texture on canvas initially using white acrylic paint and different scraps of whie yarn; thinking of the time and occurrences captured on expanses of snowfields where there is a permanent ice/snow presence, layering snowfalls year on year and in some cases migrating slowly as they contribute to, and form glaciers. Litres of paint later and considerable time later, adding uppermost textural layer of glitter, mica powder and re-used silica dioxide, paper and ribbon. Adding layers of lemon and cad yellow, then the enamel pour layer (Pebeo Vitrail, Moon & Prisme) and then in December 2017, finalising the sides with yellow Vitrail.



    original mixed media painting on canvas (acrylic and Vitrail enamel paints,  glitter, mica powder, re-used yarn, paper, ribbon and SiO2) in waxed wood frame; w 82 x h 82 x d 5 cm

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