Layers of paint/materials,each mixed directly onto the surface - flowing and making gestures, marks, punctuations when remembering encounters with the world - being outside with the wind howling around me, debris/leaves swirling; running across different terrain, sometimes falling, slipping being sucked into the mud; hiding in the grass, swimming in oceans, lochs, rivers; touching, feeling, sensing, almost belonging - usng paint and velvet and glass and swarf and plastic shiny things, things that have been used, that come from the world naturally or manufactured

(1st verse from my poem)

Embedded In The Flesh Of The World / Where the surface is shallow yet accessing depth / Through the spaces between the rhizome / Opening up the senses to the pleasure / How does it feel / To describe the moment between occasions / Seeking to tear down the constructs of temporality / These occasions themselves are as real as the singularities they connect.


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  • Acrylic, recycled velvet, mirror glass & swarf on linen in metal effect wood floater frame; portrait w 125 x h 206 cm or landscape w 206 x h 125 cm