Being outside with the wind howling around me, debris/leaves swirling; running across different terrain, sometimes falling, slipping being sucked into the mud; hiding in the grass, swimming in oceans, lochs, rivers; touching, feeling, sensing, almost belonging - using paint and wire and plaster and fabric - things that have multiple uses, things that have been used, things that come into the world naturally or manufactured. I choose to leave the marks of my passage, my making just as those marks have been left on/within me through my encounters. I am embedded in these forms.  #foldswhorlssurfacesspaces #sensuouspractice

(1st verse from my poem)

Embedded In The Flesh Of The World / Where the surface is shallow yet accessing depth / Through the spaces between the rhizome / Opening up the senses to the pleasure / How does it feel / To describe the moment between occasions / Seeking to tear down the constructs of temporality / These occasions themselves are as real as the singularities they connect.


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  • Acrylic, recycled velvet, mirror glass & swarf on linen in metal effect wood floater frame; portrait w 125 x h 206 cm or landscape w 206 x h 125 cm