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Embedded In The Flesh Of The World series explores memory embodied; reactivating gestures, marks, punctuations recalling encounters with/in the world - being outside with the wind howling around me, debris/leaves swirling; running across different terrain, sometimes falling, slipping being sucked into the mud; hiding in the grass, swimming in oceans, lochs, rivers; touching, feeling, sensing, almost belonging. Using my sensuous physicallity to create with natural/manufactured, new/discarded found materials. I choose to leave the marks of my passage, my making just as those marks have been left on/within me through my encounters. I am embedded in these forms.      

In summer gardens there are rhythms and smells, sights and sounds ablaze with life and potential. The system of life is open, reproducing and vibrant. We are like insects amongst the flowers, going to and fro, exposed to the blazing sun to the shade of the border fences, in and out, over and under, ever changing; repetition, transduction, rhythms emerging; smooth and striated spaces, layerings for all the senses. updated text 11.5.21
Giles Deleuze & Felix Guattari " . the multiplicity of the milieu .... To begin in the middle is to denounce the possibility of an origin, a centre and a boundary.. To begin in the middle, finally, is hardly a beginning. Rather, it is the moment in which one discovers that one has been 'thrown-in', without trace of original momentum that can be linked to one's situation in any causal way."



    mixed media painting on canvas (acrylic paint and mediums, glitter, re-used yarn and plastic) in wood frame; w 156 x h 126 x d 5 cm

    Also available as LIMITED RUN fine art print on aluminium or glass or 285gsm archival paper


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