SEE ME - I am bold, I stand up for myself, I have picked myself up and know I can do it again; I am alert, focused, I can overcome obstacles and hold others to account - SEE ME  


Sticks and stones never broke my bones, but names have always harmed me 
So, I lived in fear, lived with the fear of my potential to be great
To blaze a swathe of light before me, around me, through time and space                   
I have mastered the litany of fear
I have closed my ears and soul to the sounds of other's judgement
Ever hopeful I now expose myself, my light and shade
I release my colours, I SHOUT MY NAME                                            

ije 5.1.20 15:55; 2.2.20 11:34; 6.4.20 11:21 


  • ORIGINAL PAINTING: Oil, acrylic, spray paint, text, recycled velvet, glass and paper on linen; unframed; w 100 x h 100 x d 3 cm; 2020 

    Also available as LIMITED RUN fine art prints on aluminium or glass or 285gsm archival paper 


    OPEN RUN of posters on 271gsm satin finish photographic paper 

    contact IJE to discuss


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