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A series of paintings/writings/sculptures around ideas of identity, heritage, encounters, and revelation.  Using materials, memories and experiences real or imagined, gestures and punctuations, these fabricated constructs contain ruptures and imperfections giving access to the layers and creating new spaces. The surface may also be interrupted by inclusions of text from poems, reflective/shiny things and re-used materials; it is time to own ALL that we are, reveal our scars and strengths, let them shine. #sensuouspractice #foldswhorlssurfacesspaces

SEE ME       I AM     ONYE LANARIRI / SURVIVOR - it is in my DNA, my scars bear witness to my strength and resilience; who I am / have been / will be. I expose my inner self, express my experiences of being; there are singularities and multiples of light and shade, of trauma and joy. I survive, I thrive, my colours sometimes concealed, sometimes dimmed, and sometimes they shine with the textures and layers of my living. 

A poem accompanies this painting: 


Sticks and stones never broke my bones, but names have always harmed me 
So, I lived in fear, lived with the fear of my potential to be great
To blaze a swathe of light before me, around me, through time and space                   

I have mastered the litany of fear
I have closed my ears and soul to the sounds of other's judgement
Ever hopeful I now expose myself, my light and shade
I release my colours, I SHOUT MY NAME                                            




    original mixed media painting on linen (oil, acrylic and spray paints, oil marker text, re-used velvet, SiO2 and paper) in white wood frame; w 104 x h 104 cm


    LIMITED RUN Giclee prints on 285gsm archival paper - 2 sizes 80 x 80cm and 60 x 60cm


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