Acrylic, recycled yarn and swarf on paper (half imperial 320gsm NOT). 5.5.19 Mounted, then Nov2019 framed;                 Third in the series about fear with darkness being a metaphor for change, difference, low confidence, bad things in life and general states of fear and anxiety. It is about change, movement, brightness and opening up to possibilities despite our fears

After the success of Not Afraid 2, I was buoyant and hopeful for the next one, thinking of those times growing up when change was part of everyday life; growth was summer skies, freedom to roam, time for adventures and mishaps; for magic and imagination and risky explorations.  

I Am Not Afraid of the Dark 
It is full of remembered symmetries that have slid through smooth spaces, over fallen rocks & buoyed on tidal races. 
I Am Not Afraid of the Dark 
It echoes with the murky depths of life, whose battles for survival are mingled in the dirt trodden by multiples. 
I Am Not Afraid of the Dark 
Infinite possibilities emerge as startling realisations of future opportunities whose radiance shines bright with the light of living. 
Ije 1.2.19 22:56 / 3.2.19 13:49  


  • Acrylic, recycled yarn and swarf on paper in white wood frame; w 68 x h 49.5 cm; 2019

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