This is the first painting in a series of 5 (so far) which is about fear with darkness being a metaphor for change, difference, low confidence, bad things in life and general states of fear and anxiety. It is about living life and embracing change, movement, brightness; that we can survive and thrive when we open ourselves to up despite our fears. 

I Am Not Afraid of the Dark 
It is full of remembered symmetries that have slid through smooth spaces, over fallen rocks & buoyed on tidal races. 
I Am Not Afraid of the Dark 
It echoes with the murky depths of life, whose battles for survival are mingled in the dirt trodden by multiples. 
I Am Not Afraid of the Dark 
Infinite possibilities emerge as startling realisations of future opportunities whose radiance shines bright with the light of living. 
Ije 1.2.19 22:56 / 3.2.19 13:49


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  • Oil paint, yarn, re-used swarf and glass on canvas in black wood floater frame; w 156 x h 126 x d 6 cm