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"Winter, challenging, evocative, mystical 
Commanding the elements of water, wind and earth
Temperatures plummet and fluctuate, materials expand and contract
Landscapes and seascapes blown and pushed and pulled and blanketed and folded and swept and exposed          
Shaped to ever changing vistas
Winter benign comforter, sinister alchemist, torturer and pleasurer

Lines of flight, from one point to another, looking down across the valleys or high into the sky
Atmosphere charged with joyful, exuberance, snow falling playfully, blanketing the ground
Brumous portents, stinging spindrift whose crystal needles tattoo my face and sweep away my foothold on reality 
I am particulate, I am ice shards, I am snowflakes, I am the white out, distorting, obliterating, cleansing, revealing, shrouding and concealing
Sun emerges Illuminating, warming, regenerating
Winter benign comforter, sinister alchemist, torturer and pleasurer"

Ije 14.11.18 06:18 / 23.11.18 13:29


SKU: 364215376135191
  • Mixed Media (acrylic, metal tape, mica dust, recycled aluminium foil and mirrored glass) on canvas in white wood floater frame; w 80 x h 80 x d 5 cm

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